Find your power faster. Become a referral partner.

A partnership program may be exactly what you need to take control of your life.


We create, launch and grow podcasts for busy thought leaders.

One of the best ways to build massive goodwill and reach new audiences as a thought leader is with a podcast.

That said, actually starting a podcast takes time, technical understanding and can easily become an intimidating project.

Our process allows thought leaders to get all the benefits of podcasting without the traditional time, effort and learning curve required to start and run a premium podcast.

Here's How It Works

We’ve had the pleasure of working with 50+ leaders to launch professional podcasts for them, but there are still thousands of people out there who would use our services if they knew about us.

Because most thought leaders believe their only option is to do it all themselves, we’ve found the best way to connect with people that want our help is through developing referral partnerships with people they trust.

We want to partner with specific people who can share what we do with their thought leader connections, and reward them for every referral that comes to us.

Replicate results. Not work. How Much You Make?

Why do extra work when you could be growing your business? Through our tested process, we’ll help you find clarity in what they need and maximize your efforts from beginning to end.

We reward from 20% to 40%. Below is an example of how much you'll earn/make a reward for each referral that becomes a client for IPL Kickstarter Program.


$1200 per referral

For the first 10 referrals. 10 referrals = $12,000


$1770 per referral

For the next 10 referrals. 20 referrals = You earn $29,700


$2360 per referral

For over 20 referrals. 40 referrals = You earn $76,900


Custom Partnership

This can be a unique arrangement.

Why Referring Helps You

Thought leaders are always looking for the best ways to get their message out to more of the right people, without eating up their valuable time. By sharing what we do with your connections, you are sharing an extremely effective growth strategy that may be exactly what they need to grow their platform to the next level. You get to help your connections and they will thank you for the introduction!

What does Instant Podcast Leader Do

Our Instant Podcast Leader Kickstarter Launch Program is a simple process where we consult with clients to design the perfect podcast for their needs, create and set up that podcast for them and launch it to the world in 4-6 weeks. Then clients simply focus on recording content for new podcast episodes. Our team handles all the editing, production and publishing work for them on an ongoing basis.

With the Instant Podcast Leader Kickstart Program, clients get all the growth benefits of podcasting without the usual time, tech and intimidation challenges of doing it all themselves. Learn more about the Instant Podcast Leader Program here.

Who Is This Right For

Here’s how to identify someone we can help:

  • They are a known expert or authority in their field
  • They are actively engaging their audience through a blog, speaking, videos, books, events, or similar resources
  • They have established products, services or programs that already sell well
  • They need a way to reach MORE people with their message without spending much time
  • They’ve been thinking about podcasting but simply haven’t started… often because they don’t have the time
  • They want to leave a legacy
  • They are 9-5 employees who want to inspire more people or help others to overcome their troubles/obstacles with their knowledge, experience and sharing
  • They are aspiring entrepreneurs or someone who wants to turn their mess into their message, from nobody to somebody, to be seen as that uplevel personality instead of the ghost of the past.
  • They want a portfolio to level up their status and be seen as a person of influence and inspiration to those around them.

How Do You Refer Someone

Referring is easy for you AND will be welcomed by your connections because we’ve established two high-value ways to introduce us:

The easiest way to refer someone is via an email introduction (email template provided) or the J.A.M.E.S Method.

We provide lots of free, valuable content, resources, tools and templates you can easily share with your connections as a free resource for them, and you get paid for each client generated.

How To Become A Referral Partner

We’re looking to partner with people who have audiences that could use our services, or people who are in associations whose members could use our services, or simply those who know a lot of people that need this service and want to directly connect them to us.

If this sounds like a potential fit for you, connect with James Wee to set up a call. He’ll talk to you to see if we are a good fit for each other, and if so, work out next steps:


Use the subject line “Referral Partner Program” and he’ll respond quickly.